Day: November 23, 2006

“Internet Register Ireland” Lying Thieves

The IEDR sent this message out to IE resellers this afternoon:

It has recently come to the attention of the IEDR that a company operating under the name “Internet Register Ireland” is in the process of contacting businesses with registered .ie domain names by post and by fax, soliciting them to register their domain name with the “Internet Register Ireland”. The “Internet Register Ireland”, a German based company will request you to fill out their form and return it to them signed. It should be noted that they charge an excessive fee of approximately €958 for the registration of the .ie domain name in their database.

We would like to reassure all of our customers that no such organisation has been authorised to act on behalf of the IEDR. If you are contacted in this manner we would recommend that you disregard this letter and advise your customers to be aware of this activity.

The IEDR are responding to enquiries from concerned domain holders, by recommending them to contact an official IE Reseller if they require any further Internet services for their website.

Extended Warranties

I wish I’d read this Techdirt post before someone from Dell rang me the other day. I appreciate good customer support and communications so I got a lovely warm feeling when he asked how I was getting on, and if I was happy with the machine, but got a tad suspicious when he mentioned that it “only” has a one year warranty; not least because it actually has a three year warranty. I interrupted him before he made me feel really seedy, telling him that if he was trying to sell me an extended warranty, I wasn’t interested. He immediately went from to sycophantic to condescending, and rang off. Prick.