BusinessWeek v Mark Cuban

Seconds away, round one! In the red corner…

Cuban Talks Trash to YouTube

Mark Cuban ridiculed Google for purchasing the copyright lawsuit-prone YouTube. Now he may be ready to back an adversary to prove his point

…and in the blue corner…

Is this BusinessWeek or The Enquirer ?

Now that is reporting at its best isnt it ? No speculation there at all.

Whatever about the rest of it, props to Cuban for this: “Im not out to get Youtube or Google. If anytihng I am out to get the DMCA. I think its a terrible law.”

It is a terrible law. Ours is even worse. The people that implemented both should be taken outside and shot for selling out our interests to people that lie and steal.

Now if only Mark would learn to punctuate properly. Trailing question marks do my head in. Sorry Mark, but spelling and punctuation are important.