Day: November 6, 2006

In Search of the Pope’s Children

This RTE show, presented by David McWilliams, is incredibly well put together; I’d highly recommend watching it next week.

The only thing I’d fundamentally disagree with is McWilliams’ suggestion that nuclear power might be ok for Ireland, when of course it’s not ok for anywhere.

Waste David, waste, waste, waste. When you come up with a solution to the waste problem, feel free to try again.

Google’s New Frontier: Print Ads

They really do have some very clever people working for them. Can we do something like this in Ireland, and finally get some IrelandOffline ads in the mainstream media?

BusinessWeek: Google (GOOG) is rolling out its most ambitious print advertising initiative yet, an online marketplace that will let advertisers place bids on space in more than 50 major newspapers across the U.S.

Ransom Love on SCO/Caldera/Linux/etc

Groklaw: Not only does he testify that all of the allegedly infringing material was in Caldera Linux, that Caldera knew it was in there, that it wanted it in there in some cases, and that the company knowingly distributed the files in its Linux products and from its websites, including the LiS Streams module, he explains very clearly to the court that even after Caldera acquired Santa Cruz’s UNIX assets, Caldera remained, while he was CEO, “always first and foremost a Linux company dedicated to the promotion and development of Linux.”

Safety tablesaw

This tablesaw detects static electricity when a person comes in contact with the blade, and retracts it within 5 milliseconds. The site is under a bit of pressure at the moment, so watch a video on YouTube if the onsite ones are slow.