Day: October 27, 2006

Geek Cats

Look, I hate all the cutesy kitten bullshit they put on b3ta every week, it’s pukeworthy. But there’s exceptions to everything, right? I mean, look at this guy:


Jack Straw Asks Nuns To Remove Habits

Blair Seeks Ban on Habits

Prime Minister Blair’s call for a habit ban echoes remarks made earlier this year by House of Commons leader Jack Straw, who asked that nuns visiting him in his office should remove their habits, arguing that the habits made communication more difficult.

Mr. Straw, who suffers from seventy percent hearing loss and refuses to wear a hearing aid, calling them “an affront to his personal vanity”, explained that he finds it impossible to lip read effectively when speaking to a nun wearing a full habit.

CIX: I Am That Masked Like-Minded Businessman!

Since Tom has posted about our lovely new genny, I guess the worst-kept secret in the People’s Republic is out: yes, we’re currently developing a big shiny data centre in Cork, with rafts of blinkenlights and big screens and long-haired grumpy feckers running around ranting about how annoying customers are.

Well, it won’t be that shiny, and we’ll have to work hard to get the blinkenlights up to “raft” level, but it will be big, and there’ll definitely be big screens and grumpy feckers from day one. Have been grumpy feckers since day one, since I’m one of them, and the other is often referred to directly as The Grumpy Fecker.

We’re just installing a blog on the CIX website now, and myself and Tom will be blogging the development from start to finish. I hope ye’ll sing along with us as we go!

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!