Will Starbury change the world?

Depends on your definition I guess, but small steps can change the world as long as long as they set trends that people will follow, and that would seem to be the case with Stephen Marbury‘s Starbury line of “kicks and threads”, with a two-item per person limit now being enforced on the range. At $15 for kicks and $10 for threads, you’d think it’s just price and the name that’s creating demand, but the gear looks pretty good to me; in fact I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the varsity jacket.

Marbury’s point is that it doesn’t cost $100 or $200 to manufacture these – of course most of the money goes into the pockets of marketing muppets and execs – but this cynical old mind of mine can’t help thinking that this gear is probably made by the same poorly paid and abused people in the Far East.

Perhaps having this gear manufactured in a socially-responsible factory at a higher price would have been a better approach, but then I guess I don’t know whether they were or not. And more importantly, if they were a higher price, would the point be as forceful? It’s an interesting idea, and he deserves applause either way.

Via Popbitch.