Day: July 26, 2006

Taking on the MPAA

You’d need big balls and a lot of cash to take on the MPAA, and this guy reckons he has the cash. Let’s hope he has the balls.

Debunking Linux Kernel Myths

Excellent presentation, well worth a read if you’re into Linux/OSS/etc.

I’m Greg, and I’ve been given the time by the people at OLS to talk to you for a bit about kernel stuff. I’m going to discuss the a number of different lies that people always say about the kernel and try to debunk them; go over a few truths that aren’t commonly known, and discuss some myths that I hear repeated a lot.

Now when I mean a myth, I’m referring to something that was believed to have some truth to them, but when you really examine them, they are fictional. Let’s call them the “urban myths” of the Linux kernel.