Are you still here?

It really is just too easy to wander away from doing this, and “keep your meme fresh”; as somone like Bernie would put it. (I’m always at poor Bernie, aren’t I?)

Some days I just don’t do a whole lot that’s exciting, for example today I spent most of my time playing around with AJAX and DHTML toolkits, and I have to wonder to myself exactly how many of you would be any in way entertained with my views of YUI*.

Some days I just plain don’t do anything at all (such is the utter beauty of self-employment.) Other days I do things – last weekend I went to Blarney Castle, the weekend before Charles Fort – and never get around to writing about them.

I guess that’s the difference between a successful blogger and a not-blogger. The successful blogger is keen, knows their audience, hardworking. A journalist. :)

Me, I’m just a diarist. Not a blogger. At all. Why are you here? What do you want? I don’t have any money you know!

* For the hardcore: I’m very impressed. It’s not documented as well as PHP, which is what people need to do if they want their concepts/projects to be as successful as PHP, but at least it’s bloody documented.

Other toolkits like moo,, dojo, etc, are cute and well-presented, but not presented well, if you catch my drift. Prototype doesn’t even have it’s own online docs ffs.