An Ironic Posting

Breaking my own rule on not posting about blogging here, but then I’m not a blogger so it doesn’t matter: Something I’ve noticed about Irish blogs, or at least the ones I’m subscribed to, is that their update frequency is atrocious. Some of them throw 2-3 posts at me at a time, but usually only every 2-3 days.

Is this normal? Is it just the blogs I’m subscribed to? Most are techies, almost certainly online every day, so are they just not finding something interesting to post every day, or are they not that attached to their blogs? All eleven of them? Do the more mainstream bloggers update more frequently?

Because of the annoyance this causes me, I try to post once a day, just to keep things fresh. This is today’s post, so it’s not realy ironic, more circular. But then it wouldn’t matter anyway, because I’m not a blogger.