The Betelgeuse Incident

While on tour in Kerry last week meself and T stopped just across from Whiddy Island for lunch, and loads of questions popped up about the explosion there, and what different bits and pieces were, or were for. As ever, Wikipedia clears everything up:

The Betelgeuse incident involved the tanker vessel Betelgeuse which exploded while unloading its cargo of oil at the Whiddy Island oil terminal in Bantry Bay, Ireland. The initial explosion occured around 1:00 am on Monday 8 January 1979.

Apparently the yellow buoy between us and the island, which piqued our curiousity, is where Ireland’s strategic oil reserve is loaded and unloaded. And, much to our surprise, apparently around 30 people still live on the island, so perhaps my goal of having a look someday isn’t too much of a stretch.

Now we just have to figure out why Durseyites and/or Bearanians (i just made them up, ok?) find their distance from Moscow so interesting, and remember to bring a stepladder the next time we go to Valencia Lighthouse.