Dahamsta Need(ed) Wheels

Need(ed) a little help finding a car. I’m a fussy little weasel…

[NOTE: This post is deprecated (note the date). I am looking for a car again, but I found what I was looking for on this occasion.]

In General

  • Early to mid-nineties large saloon, 10-15 years old, budget €5000 including tax, insurance, etc.
  • Has to be taken to a mechanic for checking out. I can organise access to one in Cork City, Turners Cross, or Blanchardstown in Dublin.
  • Has to have about at least six months worth of NCT. Tax would be a bonus.

The Spec

  • Engine – 2.0 to 2.5, petrol for preference, but I’ll take a good diesel engine. No sporty options that’ll skyrocket my in-sewer-ants.
  • Exterior – Dark colour for preference, favourites dark green metallic and black metallic. I might be convinced to take an nice eyecatching colour.
  • Interior – Again, dark for preference, but I can put up with lighter colours if they’re done tastefully. :) Leather a big plus.
  • Extras – I promised the youngfella leccy windows so e/w all-round. As many of e/m, e/s/r, a/c, etc as possible. Did I mention leather is a big plus?
  • ICE – CD player/changer for preference, but I can live without it. (Or rather, I’ll install an MP3 system. Leccy I can do.)

The Cars

In order of preference…

  • Ford Scorpio – Surprising myself with this, but my preferred car is a dark coloured 2.0l Ultima with leather. Aubergine rocks.
  • Saab 9000 – I love these cars but I’d really only want a well-specced one. CS/CSE only. A Scarab Green CSE with black leather would rock my world.
  • BMW E34 5 Series – 520i for preference, Boston Green or black metallic.
  • Mercedes W124 E Class – Don’t know a whole lot about Mercs, but the E230 seems popular. Partial to coupés too.
  • Audi A6/100 – Early A6, late 100. Green, blue or black metallic.
  • Volvo 850 – Really only like these in green metallic and black.

There you have it, I’m not asking for much, am I? :) If you know anyone that can help me out, get them to email me:


If you want a phone number, ask. Don’t ask me to phone them, I won’t bother.