Bets On How Long They Hold Onto It?

BBC NEWS | Business | BT buys online retailer

Telecoms giant BT has bought online electronic products retailer for an estimated £30m. Continue reading Bets On How Long They Hold Onto It?

Genesis, Reincarnated. Eh?

Remember Genesis Europe, that I was so fond of defending on the forums and mailing lists because several of my drinking buddies worked there, and I thought they really had a chance of pulling off an unbundled DSL service? Of course you do. Well, the man behind it is back, and this time I can see the wacky side… Continue reading Genesis, Reincarnated. Eh?

Right Domain, Wrong Domain

John Breslin announced a new classified ads website this morning, at the domain A good site like this is sorely lacking in Ireland, and it being tied to is a boon to both the Boards crew and the community, since they have a captive audience that doesn’t need to (re-)register to post an item. Continue reading Right Domain, Wrong Domain

MEP Letter Regarding EU Landrush

Sent to my MEP’s: Simon Coveney, Brian Crowley and Kathy Sinnott. As of the 19th of April, Brian Crowley is the only person to reply, with a promise to investigate the issue. Why am I not surprised? Continue reading MEP Letter Regarding EU Landrush

I’m a Lamborghini Murcielago

Apparently I’m not subtle, but I don’t want to be. Fast, loud, and dramatic, I want people to notice me, and then get out of the way. In a world full of sheep, I’m a raging bull.

Course it should’ve been a Diablo.

Kill Bill

Here’s a nice story to distract attention from own own current legal monsterings.

EFF Broadcast Flag Update

It’s absolutely incredible the lengths MPAA scumbags will go to, to get this horrendous abuse of consumer rights into law.