“The Climate Has Changed Before”

The next time you see some clueless dickhead on the web trying to deny climate change by claiming that we’ve had temperature changes in the past and sure and begorrah we’re still here aren’t we, show them this XKCD. It’s mildly amusing and abjectly terrifying.

To Scale: The Solar System

I’ve seen lots of representations of the solar system before, but this one is great. The distance from earth to the moon alone surprised me.

The Backwards Brain Bicycle

Destin is the best.

Quad Flight Over Cork

I can see myself watching this daily for a week, looking for more and more of Cork’s oddities.


What I love most about perspectives like this is the inside of city blocks, the cramped mess of buildings that they end up, but usually with little cubbies of light and even greenery. Speaking of which, I had absolutely no idea there was that much green behind Shandon. None. Really must pop in there some day, I’ve put it off for years.

Well done that man. I’d love to know what quad he has, the handling and video are, again, superb. The comments say it’s DJI Phantom, but given the flight time and distance, I’m skeptical. Whatever it is, it puts the cheap Chinese heap I bought to try to shame. :)

Penguin Classics By The Foot, Just $13,413.30

77 feet, according to someone that actually bought The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection. Here it is on their shelves:

The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection
The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection

(Yes, my associate ID is included in the links. You’re all loaded, right?)


The Zoo (TV Series)

Myself and T visit the Zoo at least 3 or 4 times every year with our Fota membership, it’ll be great to see some of the behind the scenes stuff. I just hope T doesn’t explode when the heffalumps come on! Anyone got a copy of episode one by any chance?