Interesting IE Domain Drops

I’ve been meaning to do a regular post about interesting IE domain drops for a while now, but wading through the list can be very dull. So instead of a comprehensive list, I’ll just troll through everything up to 10 characters, and after that ye can shag off and check yourselves.

The domains are linked to the ordering system on my biz site, with a reduced price of €20 cos I love ye. Only until the end of the month though, cos the price changes then; I’ll update with a new offer if I remember. The discount is applied at the checkout.

(Pardon the corporate shilling, I’ll post these on the business blog when I get it back into WordPress, where it belongs.)

  • – For a blog. Probably not a great corporate domain…
  • – Tempted to register this myself for the flag.
  • – Are sk8ers too cool for websites?
  • – For Mr. or Mrs. Brown. Or perhaps you just like brown.
  • – Still a lot of room for improvement on Carzone.
  • – AKA ‘Energy’.
  • – Great blog for one of those arrogant corporate wankers I hate so much.
  • – A large segment, so to speak.
  • – People still get married during a recession…
  • – Fancy yourself as a bit of a dandy?
  • – Oops. Silly trademark drop.
  • – Ditto.
  • – Hobby shop?
  • – Surname
  • – People that can’t afford to move do what?
  • – People also drink more during a recession.
  • – Nice local domain that should SEO well.
  • – Targetted dating.
  • – Microsite for the likes of Smyths.
  • – This is just here for the nerds. Remember them?
  • – Another nice one for a blog.