Rock my C*ck

Blogorrah has posted some videos that I guess are being aired on Oirish TV, and by jesus they’ll fit right in if that’s the case. Here’s what I don’t get though: I presume that these videos aren’t supposed to appeal to 34 year old fuddy-duddies like me, but who are they supposed to appeal to? Presumably it’s ‘yoof’, but surely they’re even more patronising to yoof than they are to me? I mean, seriously, rock salutes? The only people that think rock salutes are cool these days are Spinal Tap fans. (And rightly so.)

The PR people that came up with this shite should be shot (along with most of the rest of them), and Rick O’Shea should be put in charge; since he’s the only one that was in any way entertaining. Seriously, give Rick the camera, and fuck off and get a proper job. Something useful and inline with your skillsets, like a firing range target.

UPDATE: I’ve just been listening to Rick’s show and he had Bosco on about the Rock the Vote business. Yes, Bosco. And they were talking about free lollipops. Are they trying to be ironic or something? Because it’s really not working. I find myself wondering if any people in the yoof category actually know who Bosco is?

(Thanks for the pointer Twenty.)