IEDR back in the political message game

This piece in their monthly ezine is worthy of the man of many idenities himself, with suggestion and intrigue built on a foundation of allusion. The second paragraph is so politically charged I actually came to at least three completely different conclusions as I read through it. FFS IEDR, don’t revert to type. Spit it out or STFU.

The piece on the attempted registration of by the operator of (NSFW, or H if you or anyone near your rig is offended by hardcore porn) is more direct, but also more idiotic. Porn is short for pornography for god’s sake, it’s in the bloody dictionary. Talk about repressed catholicism.

I notice no-one had the balls to sign either piece. Oh, and while I’m at it, second-level domains. No. No, no, no, for fuck’s sake, no.