Greenpeace: Missing the Point

Greenpeace currently has a video doing the rounds, making a point about gas guzzlers. Have a look here, then read on.

It seems clever on the face of it, but when you think about it it’s not: the people calling him names and performing pranks are being childish, immature and cowardly, too chicken to say it to his face. The guy himself is oblivious, and although that may be the point they’re trying to make, they don’t make it in a very coherent way.

It’s an immature ad that, very ironically, smacks of modern politics: it says “this is bad”, but like many politicians these days, it doesn’t tell people how to do good. Expecting people to just know is very naive with the intelligence level the populace is displaying right now.

Greenpeace shouldn’t expect people to read the associated bumph. It’s the video that does the rounds, so it’s the video that should make the point. That’s assuming they want to target people that aren’t already members, of course. And if they’re not doing that, they have much bigger problems.

2 thoughts on “Greenpeace: Missing the Point”

  1. You really need a Hummer to hit the spot James. Or perhaps an Escalade. I have to confess a sweet spot for the X5 myself, although in all honesty I would’t buy one without purpose, and since the X5 isn’t really suitable for purpose, I’d never buy one. A Range Rover perhaps, pre-bling.

    What makes me laugh is that environmentalists are often blind to what’s right in front of them. My sister (who sent the video to me) always gave the impression that if I bought an SUV, I’d be disowned from the family for life. Yet when I bought a 12 year old 525i, nary a word was said.

    I’d probably have gotten away with the 3 litre Stag I was looking at last month too. However I’m back on barges again now, and I don’t think I’d be able to slide the LS400 or XJR I’m currently tempted by past her. Both 4 litres. But the Jag has a supercharger.

    Mmmmm, supercharger.

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