14 Years Ago

I’m more impressed than the commentors on IP, but Bob Frankston has it right: we’ve made this progress despite the likes of AT&T, not because of them.

Did you know?

That Mercedes cars are traditionally silver because in the 1934 racing season new weight rules were introduced, and Mercedes’ car was slightly too heavy? To lose that bit of extra weight Mercedes decided to drop the white paint traditional to German cars, and raced in bare aluminium. The cars became known as the Silver Arrows, and that’s why Mercedes favour silver for their cars.

Auto Union did the same thing and became known as Silverfish, which is why Audi is quite keen on the colour too; although these days they seem to lean towards my favourite colour, black.

Jakob Nielsen’s Dishonesty

I’ve always disliked Nielsen’s holie-than-thou attitude and painful-to-look-at website, so I’m only too delighted to highlight his admission that in 1997 he suppressed research that demonstrated that users respond to dialog-box style ads on websites.

Now hold your horses before you dive in to defend his honour. Yes he’s admitted it now, and there’s no denying that that’s a step forward. But ask yourself, when did you start admiring him, recently or ten years ago? Would you now, with the same information?

Neilsen is a dinosaur. Move on people.

“Torrent Away”

Graham Linehan to IT Crowd fans on his blog, fair balls to the man.

Wow! Thanks everybody! I’m slightly overcome. And listen, torrent away. Just please buy the DVD when it comes out (unless you hate it, of course, in which case that would be mental).

(About 20 comments down, look for the avatar snipped from the header.)

As I said there, TV LOL moments are so rare these days I get a little shock when I have one; and I had several during this episode. I really must buy series one on DVD, I don’t think I’ve seen all of them.

Don’t Fuck With Lawyers

I can’t quote the whole thing because B3TA is so notoriously litigious – ok, cos it’s not fair to them or the author – but if you have or respect a mean streak, you should read the rest of this. It takes the whole paying-in-pennies thing to a whole new level, plus there’s a sting.

My dad is a partner in a smallish law firm. He loves nothing better than annoying people and suppliers who piss him off, nothing bad, just minor spats. He loves doing really pointless but perfectly legal things. This is my absolute favourite petty revenge story of all time.

Dad has queried an outstanding payment to an office supplier, its about £3800. He contested it and basically dragged out payment for months. Eventually, he agreed that if they sent someone round he’d pay them cash.

In the mean time, he went to the bank and after discussion with the bank manager, worked out what the legal minimum denomination of notes and coins could be used.

He also went to the garden centre and purchased a cheap, yet sturdy black dustbin.


Sounds like a middle-aged Mulley to-be to me.

Rabbitte Resigns

A lot of people didn’t like him but I wasn’t one of them; very sad to see him go.

Blog: Today at 3.30pm Deputy Pat Rabbitte in front of a packed out press conference announced his intention to stand down as leader of the Labour Party effective immediately.

Statement: I am today announcing my decision to step down as Leader of the Labour Party with immediate effect. In national politics the only cycle that matters is from Dáil to Dáil. My six year term as Party Leader runs to October 2008. My staying on for another year would only make sense if I intended contesting a second term. It is not my intention to do so. Therefore at the beginning of the lifetime of a new Dáil is the opportune time to elect a new Leader and allow him or her find their feet before Local and European Elections.

Holy Hand Grenade Danglers

I’m not going to buy these right now as I’m a motoring minimalist, but by god if I ever add a Cortina to my collection…

Holy Hand Grenade Danglers