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The Backwards Brain Bicycle

Destin is the best.

Miller Industries Vulcan 812 Intruder II

I wouldn’t usually use the product name in the title of a post, but these guys deserve a plug for their engineering skills.

World’s Largest Pilgrimage – Hajj

Excellent short documentary about Hajj, from a recommendation on Reddit. I don’t think I knew any of this.

Spinny Rocket

This has been doing the rounds for ages, I’m more posting it for myself than anything. Ignore the unfortunate title. Destin’s comment is priceless. :)

Inside An Engine

Intake, compression, ignition, exhaust!

How To Load Cars Into Containers

There’s a load of videos out there about loading 4+ cars into shipping containers, with some people building frameworks around the cars with timber and other using super-dodgy configs, but this is how I want mine loaded. So Cherman! (Sorry about the potato quality.)